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Our Committees

ELIA is subdivided into five working committees pursuing educational programming, science, and political campaigns, among other things. A board member leads each committee and ensures activities are completed per the committee objectives. Please reach out to our President at if you are interested in getting involved with any of the committees.

If you are interested in helping out with any of these activities, contact us!

Boating Safety

  • Help manage and identify concerns with boating regulations, lake safety, lake police patrols, buoy placement, and public boat landing use
  • Works with local government to help manage boating concerns
  • Shares in funding of the police boat patrol and police pier
  • Educates the public and membership on boating safety issues
  • Maintain and place buoys
  • Assist with the Wisconsin Shoreland Ordinance

Community Outreach

  • Increase public awareness of ELIA
  • Manage Keep Elkhart Blue merchandise
  • Distribute information to community and members through the Depot Dispatch newspaper, social media, newsletters and website
  • Educate residents on good shoreland living practices
  • Provide educational presentations in community

Government Relations

  • Encourage intergovernmental cooperation with the Village of Elkhart Lake, Town of Rhine, DNR and Sheboygan County
  • Attend or present at government board meetings
  • Educate local government on lake concerns and ELIA’s Mission
  • Partner with other conservation groups in watershed to increase awareness of lake issues


  • Maintain or increase membership
  • Prepare and send annual dues letters, reminders and notices of social events and the Annual Meeting
  • Work with ELIA Treasurer to maintain membership records
  • Plan annual meeting, Downtown Night booth, and other educational and fundraising events for membership and community

Lake Management

  • Water Quality
    • Monitor lake water quality, identify and work to resolve pollution sources
    • Perform lake sampling as specified by the DNR and Citizen Lake Monitoring Network. This program includes data online reporting, evaluation, and management to create a community of lake stewards through education and outreach.
  • Lake Ecology
    • Monitor and help control aquatic invasive species (AIS) through treatment
    • Identify best practice methods for managing AIS
    • Pursue grant funding from the DNR for lake studies and the Clean Boat Program
    • Manage the clean boats/clean water inspector/educator at the public boat ramp
    • Create a community of lake stewards through education and outreach
  • Lake Projects
    • Execute special projects than enhance Water Quality and Lake Ecology