The Elkhart Lake Improvement Association (ELIA) has been protecting Elkhart Lake since 1964. Elkhart Lake faces many threats to its beautiful blue waters. While the Lake is changing, our commitment to Keep Elkhart Blue is not. Help protect Elkhart Lake now and for generations to come by being part of the solution: become a member, volunteer, shop our store, donate.  Together, we keep Elkhart Lake blue.

Want a Cleaner, Quiter, Way of Boating?

On September 5, 2021 a news article detailing the progess of electric boat motors appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  The article reported that there are numerous companies who have developed electric motors that can now reach speeds of 60 miles per hour and can fully charge overnight via a 220-volt outlet.  These electric boats are cleaner (we in ELIA call it Bluer) and emit no sound.  To review the full article “CLICK HERE”.

Downtown Night Success

ELIA educates at this year’s August 9, 2021 Down Town Night with a booth providing aquatic invasive species samples, lake quality information and best management practices to Keep Elkhart Blue.

Elkhart Lake Water is Healthy but Mercury Contimination Remains an Issue

Elkhart Lake remains listed for mercury-contaminated fish tissue, and have been listed for that since 1998. The source of the mercury is listed as atmospheric deposition.  For more information on this subject, click here to read the Plymouth Review article.

ELIA’s Annual Members Meeting was held at Quit Qui Oc Pavilion on August 5, 2021

The meeting was a success with many Members in attendance to hear committee reports, recent activities and the state of the Lake.  Meeting Minutes are found here.

Hannah Feltes, a junior majoring in elementary education at UW-Platteville, recently approached the Elkhart Lake Improvement Association Board of Directors seeking permission to do a short video on our organization. Hannah, who is from the Elkhart Lake area, shared that one of her college professors gave an assignment to create a video on something that they are interested in and passionate about. 

We are honored that Hannah recognized the importance of the Elkhart Lake Improvement Association and the history of our beautiful lake.  A special thank you to Hannah for her time and effort putting together this video

The aim of the Elkhart Lake Improvement Association is to encourage ownership and use of the surrounding lake community in ways that will not result in changes to the beauty, tranquility, and quality of the lake. If you want to support this mission, consider volunteering in one of our activity areas.


Our association is supported by member dues and donations. Your donation helps us do important work in the community and keep Elkhart Lake beautiful (and blue!). If you’d like to support our cause, consider donating via credit card or PayPal or by using Amazon Smile and selecting The Elkhart Lake Improvement Association as your charitable organization to support when shopping online.

It’s easy to become a member! Either follow this link to PayPal or mail us your membership information and payment. If you are already a member, donations above annual Membership dues are tax deductible.