Neuses Bay Phosphorous Treatment Bed Removal

Based on the heavy growths of weeds and algae that had developed in Neuses Bay over the years, ELIA asked the Sheboygan County Office of Planning and Conservation to help determine possible solutions to reducing run-off from the watershed that drains into the bay.

Water samples from the run-off showed high concentrations of phosphorous that were a root cause for the growths we were experiencing. With the help of a leading specialist in the field of phosphorous mitigation, as system for filtering the phosphorous at its source was developed and installed. This is the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

The filter bed which is on the south side of County A, is filled with a media (iron slag) that removes the phosphorous and then releases improved water back into the natural drainage system. The goal of the treatment is to reduce the phosphorous by 60%. This amount varies depending on the actual flow rate / volume of water entering the system.

The filter media needs to be replaced every 10 years – sort of like recharging your home water softener, only not that often!

We continue to look at additional ways to further minimize the run-off impact in this water shed but we are off to a great start with this initiative. Other watersheds around the lake will be mapped out and assessed for potential remediation as needed. One of these is the drainage area in Sheboygan Bay known as Merrybrook.


The following documents provide information on this project.

Document Type Published Document
Schematics 2018 Filter Bed Watershed, Drain Tiles, Design
Presentation 2018 Phosphorus Filter Bed – Neuses Bay
Report 2017 Redox Neuses Bay Summary Plan