The following documents include ELIA supported reports regarding Elkhart Lake and the surrounding area to aid in accomplishing our mission.

Document Type Published Document
Government 2020 WI DNR Lake Planning Grant Award
Government 2019 Chemical Aquatic Plant Control Permit Application
Record 2019 Water Flow Meter Manual (Water Flow Meter found at the outlet)
Government 2019 Water Project Evaluates the Filter Factor
Government 2018 Chemial Aquatic Plant Control Permit Application
Government 2018 Sheboygan Marsh Drawdown
Information 2018 Water Chemistry Data Collection
Government 2017 Chemical Aquatic Plant Control Permit Application
Information 2017 Elkhart Lake Improvement Association Revised Bylaws
Report 2017 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Water Quality Annual Report
Governmant 2016 Chemical Aquatic Plant Control Treatment Map
Government 2015 Chemical Aquatic Plant Control Treatment Map
Record 2014 List of Lake Studies Grant History
Government 2013 DNR Worksheet for Large Scale Chemical Aquatic Plan Treatment
Report 2013 Lake Management Plan for Invasive Species
Map 2010 Elkhart Lake Monitoring Stations
Report 2008 Results of the 2006-2007 Groundwater Monitoring-Big Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Report 2006 Groundwater Mapping & Monitoring Report, Elkhart Lake, Hey & Associates
Report 2003 Water Quality Report
Report 2001 UW Sheboygan Water Quality Report
Report 96-99 Sechhi Disc Readings
Report 1996 Water, Nutrient Budgets and Trophic Status of Elkhart Lake
Report 1992 Water Quality Annual Report
Report 1987 UW Stevens Point Elkhart Lake Water Quality Report